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Keep Your Mouth & Body Healthy With Regular Cleanings! 

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About Dental Hygiene

A healthy smile starts with regular cleaning. Just like getting the oil changed in your car, to keep a healthy mouth, you have to get regular hygiene appointments. Our hygiene appointments are comprehensive. We don’t just look at your teeth, but also look at your gums, tongue, mouth and overall health.


We strongly encourage you to play a part in practicing good oral health by following a dental hygiene routine and working with us by asking questions about how you can improve it.


If you have a history of poor dental health, you should be coming in for your cleaning every 3-4 months. If your smile is healthy and you take very good care of your mouth (brush 2-3 times/day and floss properly) you should visit every 6 months.


If you are a new patient and are booking your appointment for the first time, please let our treatment coordination and front end staff know when the last time you had a hygiene appointment. If it’s been more than 1 year, we’ll need to spend some extra time on your visit.

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